Sabrina K Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sabrina K Photography (Sabrina K Photography) Mon, 04 Jul 2022 20:39:00 GMT Mon, 04 Jul 2022 20:39:00 GMT Sabrina K Photography: Blog 90 120 Fall 2022 Family Sessions I went to get in my car the other day, and the temperature read 123 degrees. So, really, am I going to talk about taking fall/Christmas family portraits right now?

Yes, yes, I'm going to talk about it.

So here's my plan...I'll be taking limited sessions in late September, October, November, and early December (okay, let's be honest, I was taking Christmas portraits the week before Christmas last year. You know who you are (and I love you!)).  Sessions will last 30 minutes arriving 45 minutes before sunset and include approximately 30 digital files delivered through my password-protected online gallery.  My preference is weeknights, but I can also schedule on the weekend. Investment will be $185 for the session and files. I will be offering the following locations:


Veteran's Oasis Park In Chandler. This popular photo spot never lets me down. It's always changing and offers a wide variety of backgrounds. If you want something a little desert but also a little lush with a water feature, this is a great location to consider. 


Agritopia. Be my first family to shoot at Agritopia. What a serene, farm-to-market escape in the middle of the suburbs! Take your family portrait and then enjoy some delicious dinner! This location is rich with color and texture, featuring overhanging trees but also modern, metal buildings and cactus. 

San Tan Regional Park (***SECRET LOCATION***)

Okay, so this is not a secret, but it is a little more remote and less-utilized. This is one of my favorite locations. San Tan requires entrance fees, which will be in addition to your session fee and should be paid to the park. 

Salt River--Phon D Sutton Recreation Area. You can be my first family session here as well. This is a fun but very popular location. I will highly recommend a weekday evening session here. If you have small children, please be aware that this location is along a river and there is an added risk of the water (getting wet to more serious). This location incudes an additional fee for parking/use for both photographer and client which will be added to the cost of your session. 

Queen Creek Wash. Am I the only one totally enraptured by the cottonwood trees? I get all sorts of Anne of Green Gables poetic just thinking about it there. What a (well-known but somewhat hidden) gem we have just off the busy roads. The wash offers green trees and also a more urban feel with the bike path behind it. Seasonal blooms can really add to the location as well. 


San Tan Regional Park: Main Entrance

Sure, we can boondock and shoot along the road to the park with the rest of the Valley, but you might have less of a crowd inside the park. The park entrance fee is an additional cost that will need to be paid to the park if you do not have a seasonal pass. This iconic location is one not to be missed. Plenty of cactus and mountains. 

Downtown Gilbert

So many options here. All of the textures and murals make this a wonderful location. It can get crowded, and you're definitely having your personal photo session in a public space, but I love this location. Again, you can be my first family to shoot at this location!

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Semper Fi Family Gilbert Family Photographer Well, hello again! I got to meet up with one of my favorite seniors and his mom again, and this time we got to meet the whole family! I enjoyed working with this super-chill young man and his mom earlier in the spring (word on the street is that his mom and I look so much alike we could be sisters). It was even more of a treat to help them update their family photos before this young man leaves for training to become a US Marine! So proud of him!

I've noticed a trend of families taking the opportunity to update their family portrait when they are in the photo-mindset of senior portraits. Let's make that happen for your family as well. It's a wonderful time in life to celebrate the milestone of your senior and to capture one more family portrait before your family dynamic changes! 

Mom is an avid paddler and can often be found on the Salt River among the wild horses, so she requested some water in their family session. Veteran's Oasis park does not disappoint! It was super lush and a bit overgrown even (such a strange thing to say in Arizona!) when we visited, but the water features were really lovely.  The timing worked out perfectly for Grandma and Grandpa to be in town over Memorial Day weekend, so we were able to sneak in a few images with them as well. 

Without further ado, here is the R family! Love you guys! Please don't make me wait until your youngest is a senior to take your portrait again!

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Ethan's Senior Session: Hamilton High School Social media connects people without you even knowing it, doesn't it? 

Ethan's dad reached out to me because my name was recommended by his cousin's wife, who happens to be another photographer in another state who I know through social media. If you're scratching your head, that's okay. #itscomplicated I love that we were able to connect and document Ethan's senior year. 

In our initial consultation, it came out that Ethan really likes his truck (thumbs up, I was very excited) and that they have a resort-style backyard (two thumbs up, even more excited) that they wanted to feature in his session. I was thrilled to get to incorporate both elements in Ethan's session. I loved the mix of casual and dressy outfits that he chose, and I definitely took some of my very favorite images to date! I've never seen more beautiful oleander bushes/trees than these just across from his gorgeous home!

Ethan will be attending ASU next year and pursuing his passion for cars to a new level with an engineering degree. Stay out of his way--Ethan is in the fast lane to great things!

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Aiden M Senior Session: Agritopia Aiden will be graduating from Casteel High School in a matter of minutes (not really-I've just been procrastinating on updating my blog lately!) but we didn't miss out on documenting his senior year! May was a WONDERFUL time for his senior session. The weather was wonderful and there weren't too many photographers at the location. Aiden was a delight to work with (he actually invited two of his friends along for a buddy session--but that needs its own post to come). He's got a passion for working out, cooking, and being a very calm and relaxed young man. He's got places to go and a wonderful family supporting him on his journey!

We had a great time on location at Agritopia. This was my first time to use this location, and it lived up to the hype. Definitely a lot of fun and variety to capture the different looks of this stunning senior young man!

Thank you so much, M family, for trusting me to document Aiden's senior year!

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May is the Best Time for Family Portraits: Queen Creek Wash Family Session We beat the summer heat to update this gorgeous family's portrait earlier this month. I think we start to think "May" and we assume it will be too hot for portraits. Not at all! Even on a warm day, when the sun starts to go down, the temperature really drops to be quite pleasant. And with our wonderful lack of humidity (I'm from Houston, remember) this dry heat makes even the 90s feel very comfortable in the shade!

But enough chatting about the weather....let's talk about this amazing family. 

There's amazing. Need I say more? This is a super active, athletic, fun-loving, adventurous family that I met through my kids' mountain biking team. They are so incredibly kind and thoughtful and always on the go. It was wonderful to be able to capture them in action for an hour just being themselves and loving on each other as a family. 

I have more than a few favorites, so permit my overshare.

Also, this was a new location for me to work with, and I really liked it. We did have to avoid being photobombed by bunnies on the wash and an abundance of cyclists on the wash trail, but I absolutely LOVE the cottonwood trees and the desert willow that was in bloom. Love the desert in the spring!

But without further ado, here is the amazing M family...

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Kaylee's Senior Session: Salt River Beauty One of my amazing neighbors put me in touch with Kaylee's mom, and we developed a vision for her session while they were visiting...from Indiana! What a fun change of scenery for your senior pictures! We had gorgeous weather for this classic Salt River session. Here's the best part: while discussing ideas for Kaylee's session I happened to throw out there that I really wanted to work with this "river location." Mom checked Kaylee's Pinterest board and, unknowingly, she had Pinned some images to her Senior Session board that were--wait for it--taken at the Salt River! Remember that they were coming from Indiana and had no idea they could get a river session in Arizona (is this starting to sound like a George Strait song?), but I had some oceanfront property to offer up, and it was too much of a coincidence that the location had already stood out to her so we went for it. 

Kaylee is a super determined, kind, friendly, fun young woman. She's planning to attend a private college and become a PA. She's got a bright future ahead of her! As an added bonus, two of Kaylee's friends came with her to the session, and it was an absolute BLAST having them there. I highly recommend it! The only thing better than an amazing senior portrait session is having your friends there with you!

But without further ado...

Thank you so much for sharing your senior year with me!

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Lauren's Senior Session: Red Mountain High School You guys....(and, yes, I'm talking to you like there are a lot of you out there reading this)...

Basically these images speak for themselves.

Lauren is very chill. Very fun. Confident. Self-composed. 

And super gorgeous. 

What a lovely young lady with a big, bright future ahead of her. 

What an honor for me to get to work with her and her mom to document this point in her life!

When we discussed a plan for her session, she indicated that she didn't want the whole desert thing. She's from Arizona and has had a lifetime of saguaro cactus. I get that. It's probably like being from Texas and not wanting anything cowboy-related. (wink wink) We chose the Riparian Preserve to start the session, and I might have had to stand in the very last parking space to reserve it for Lauren and her mom. Nothing like throwing your body in front of a car to make sure your session isn't delayed. But I digress... 

We had a sweet little bunny join us for part of the session. He or she was completely unphased that we were standing right where he or she wanted to nibble some grass. So he just sauntered up and had a snack. 

See? No zooming in here!

In addition to the bunny's photographic debut (or who knows, maybe this bunny photobombs all kinds of sessions) we captured Lauren's vibrant personality in several locations throughout the park.

Notice the yellow flowers? I'm bananas about yellow flowers. Thankfully Lauren and her mom trusted my vision for this scraggly patch of yellow in the parking lot. I think it turned out nicely, don't you?

Time for an outfit change and a new location. We might have had to ignore the brand new signs indicating closure for construction at Nichols Park (no construction had begun) and we took advantage of some gorgeous light and fall tones. March in Arizona is pretty amazing, I cannot lie.

These boots are adorable. It's details like these that help make senior sessions so fun. 

Thank you so much for trusting me with your senior session, Lauren! You are a wonderful young lady and have big places to go!

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Happy First Birthday and Family Session In-Home I truly love this family. When we moved in the middle of a pandemic to a new state, there wasn't a lot we could do other than go to the neighborhood pool (even getting our pools tags was an issue--why is that always such a challenge?). We met a family who was there with their two young boys at the pool as frequently as we were with our four very active boys and the mom was the friendliest person in the history of ever.  So I clung to her like glue. She's been such a resource to our community, promoting the local Buy Nothing site to encouraging local healthcare workers to even helping us all keep an eye out for the rogue cows that frequently roam the streets (don't even ask). So when her youngest was turning one, I jumped at the chance to capture their family to celebrate this milestone. I love how their personalities shine through, but mostly what a joyful, fun, happy family they are. Let's face it--with three boys ages four and under, there's a lot of chaos in their lives. But what a beautiful chaos it is! We had some fun snuggling on the couch and then let Mr. One Year Old attempt to escape out the front door--he's a fast crawler! Fortunately his mama is a fast runner to catch all of these boys! Then we enjoyed the surprising fall leaves and trampoline in the backyard. 

Here are some of my favorites:

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Emma's Senior Session: Books, Coffee, Cactus When Emma and her mom talked about her senior portrait session, she said she wanted books, coffee, and some cactus.

These things are totally in my wheelhouse.

Earlier this year, I met Emma's mom through our homeschool co-op and we hit it off immediately. So I was thrilled to get to spend the afternoon with her and Emma to document her senior year.  We started off with a super fun stop at hair and makeup with Charlene Melissa at Palette Collective. Emma and Charlene collaborated to decide on a neutral look with a bit of pop. I love when a plan comes together! Then we headed to Sidewalk Coffee and Bagel Co. in Queen Creek to keep it local and enjoy some beautiful natural light and a latte from their coffee artist after closing. Many thanks to their owner for permitting us time in the space! After a wardrobe change, we used the local area and WAIT, DOES THAT DRESS HAVE POCKETS! Pockets make everything fun. We wrapped up our time out in the desert. Remote, but not too remote! We did see some exciting "extras" and managed to embrace some pretty light (but no cactus--no hugs allowed) before calling it a day. I loved getting to work with this thoughtful, mature, beautiful young lady.  She's got the future ahead of her, and the possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing the day with me!

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Aiden's Senior Session: Basha High School It's not really surprising, when I think about it. I went to college to become a high school teacher (this was several lifetimes ago), so it's not unusual that I would really love getting to work with high school seniors. 

Aiden's session was no exception. I love having the opportunity to document this moment in my seniors' lives (yes, they are "my" seniors. They always are. Even after they start their own families and turn 40). There is so much possibility, so much potential. And, yes, so much unknown. But that is the beauty of it. The future is so bright. And Aiden definitely should be wearing shades. What a wonderful young man and a delight to work with. It was a pleasure to get to stroll through downtown Gilbert with Aiden and his mom and laugh at all of the "GQ" comments by passersby. I managed to not get run over or fall off my stepladder, so the session was an all-around success! I did manage to scare some poor construction workers near to death by squatting right outside a doorway and surprising them. Oops! 

But enough of the small talk...without further ado, here are some of my favorites from Aiden's senior session. 



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Happy Holidays from our Family to Yours As 2021 comes to a close (I realize I never quite got into the groove of using "2021" after 2020, so jumping right into 2022 will be even more of an adjustment than normal) I am so thankful to be here in this space that I never really thought I would see again--using my creativity to document families with my photography. It's a blessing, for sure, to come back to this after quite a few years.

Here's our family from this crazy year. Never underestimate the power of a remote and a tripod for getting yourself in front of the camera. We got a late start, arrived after sunset, fussed with equipment I infrequently use (my tripod is usually reserved for stop-motion projects for the boys), I realized I never even put on half of my makeup...and it was just about our most favorite "family session" ever. We had a lot of fun, passed around the camera, and just had some laughs while avoiding any cactus. Then we went out for dinner. 

Family sessions should be fun. They should reflect your family and interests as much as possible. Be you. Have fun. Smile. Hug. Tickle. Cuddle. Enjoy. Just make sure to document your family in the moment and keep it updated!

Have a happy holiday and see you in 2022!

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A Desert Waterfall: Gilbert Chandler Family Portraits We really have met the best people out here who have made Arizona home for us. This family is one of those who made us feel right at home from early on and keep on being super awesome. 

We met up to update their family portraits, which had not happened "for a long time." I knew we would have a LOT of fun with this very relaxed and laid-back family with LOTS of personality. This location is a lot of fun and offers great variety despite being pretty popular. We went just ahead of "the season" so no one was walking through our session (and we weren't walking through theirs). It's always important for everyone to be relaxed and not stressed!

Thank you so much to this wonderful family for having me document this stage in your life!

Can any of my boy-moms relate to this? Love their interaction when they thought I wasn't shooting! Turns out it was a favorite!

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Get Those Family Portraits Up to Date! Gilbert Queen Creek Family Photography We updated this family's portrait from a few years ago--it was much-needed as everyone had grown up by a few years! It was such a wonderful time, and I probably will sound like a broken record, but I love this family. 

It's one of the perks of being a family photographer--I get to work with really fun, incredible families all the time! And I get to ask them to get close and love on each other and have a good time! 

This family is one of the first we met when we moved here in the middle of the pandemic, and they gave us hope that life would one day be normal (kinda, sorta, "ish") again some day! It has been a delight to get to know them and "do life together" through kids' activities. They have a lot of fun and a lot of personality, so their session included a lot of laughter and some shenanigans! Thanks so much to this family for coming out to update their family portrait! That's the thing about kids--they are always growing up and don't ever seem to stop!

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'Tis the Season: Sunset Family in the Desert I had such a great time working with this family at this amazing location. Fortunately for me, they are all amazing mountain bikers and were able to tip me off to this lesser-known location (if you haven't noticed, there is a photographer behind every cactus with a family trying to find some golden light this time of year). 

Being from Houston, I'm not sure that I will ever get over how much I love the desert. Sure, it's unforgiving, but it's so incredibly beautiful. The light has such a rich quality at sunset. It's always a blessing to get to be out and enjoying the final minute of the day with a lovely family capturing their connection and personality. 

These are four of the most fun kiddos around. But they're mostly too fast to keep up with on bikes, so catch them when you can!

Working with this family was an absolute blast. They are wonderful, kind, amazing people. Thanks so much!

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Let Your Light Shine: Candid Gilbert Family Photography Family. Is. Everything.

Whimsy. Laughter. Chaos. Cuddles. Quiet. Wonder. 

I love this family to the moon and back, y'all. If Mom and I were only next door neighbors...we're talking global domination. And then some. We both have some big and crazy ideas, and put those together....we could do some things, for sure!

This mama is amazing: Woman of God, encourager, businesswoman, homeschooler, organizer and planner extraordinaire.  And our birthdays are only a day apart (really!). She's the most organized person I know, and she got her crew ready for this session in record time.  When she told me that she was thinking white dresses and flower headbands, I was pretty stoked. I envisioned lots of twirling (there was), lots of sun and personality (there was), and hopefully not too much of me--a boy mom--fixing headbands (there was, but not to the detriment of the session). We discussed how mom possibly wanted to create a black and white wall collage from the session, and our visions really came together. 

This family is celebrating the arrival of their fourth daughter, and she was such a happy baby. With a boisterous group of kiddos and plenty of sunlight, we had a beautiful session and captured ALL of the personality! This is perhaps an overshare, but how can you not share this much absolute JOY!

Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Candid Family Session Now do you love this family, too?

I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with this beautiful and fun, loving family! Enjoy! 



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Don't Call it a Comeback. I've been here for YEARS! But I've been gone and now am slowly and quietly coming back into myself.

I'm not even sure where to begin.

I was a passionate, hard-working, joyful photographer from 2007-2017. Then I stopped making photos almost entirely.

At the risk of being too wordy (I always am) I'll keep this short.

Moving, moving. Major life changes. Baby. Homeschool. Moving again. Realizing I let years lapse without documenting my own family's moments. Sadness. Opportunity to make portraits for a friend. Happiness! Blooming like a saguaro flower in the spring.

Now I have reclaimed a little more bandwidth and my need to make portraits and document life and little moments has been insatiably reawakened.

I'm looking forward to capturing your family soon. It's the simple things, really, that mean the most as time passes.

I, for one never want to forget all the moment of reading book with my youngest and his love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So let's start this journey with a single step! Let's capture all the chaos and whimsy and wonder of your family! I know I've missed documenting my own!

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