Reanna's Senior Session in the Spring Super Bloom

September 05, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Remember the Super Bloom last year? And remember all the rain that flooded all the things?

Reanna's session was originally scheduled to take place at the Salt River, always a gorgeous location, BUT it was completely under water when her session date arrived. PLAN B turned out to be exceptionally special because we had our choice of tons of flowers--yellow, white, purple. It was hard to believe we were out in the desert with all of the lush plants around us. (I also learned about scorpion weed during this time, which was fortunate that we knew to stay away from that one pretty flower!).

Reanna and her mom were so much fun to work with. They were game for traipsing all across the desert, chatting with my friend who helped us use the orange grove, and for squeezing every last drop of sunlight out of the day. It was one of those sessions I didn't want to end, but we all did need to get home, have dinner, finish homework, etc.

So without further ado, here is Reanna's senior session...


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