May is the Best Time for Family Portraits: Queen Creek Wash Family Session

May 15, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We beat the summer heat to update this gorgeous family's portrait earlier this month. I think we start to think "May" and we assume it will be too hot for portraits. Not at all! Even on a warm day, when the sun starts to go down, the temperature really drops to be quite pleasant. And with our wonderful lack of humidity (I'm from Houston, remember) this dry heat makes even the 90s feel very comfortable in the shade!

But enough chatting about the weather....let's talk about this amazing family. 

There's amazing. Need I say more? This is a super active, athletic, fun-loving, adventurous family that I met through my kids' mountain biking team. They are so incredibly kind and thoughtful and always on the go. It was wonderful to be able to capture them in action for an hour just being themselves and loving on each other as a family. 

I have more than a few favorites, so permit my overshare.

Also, this was a new location for me to work with, and I really liked it. We did have to avoid being photobombed by bunnies on the wash and an abundance of cyclists on the wash trail, but I absolutely LOVE the cottonwood trees and the desert willow that was in bloom. Love the desert in the spring!

But without further ado, here is the amazing M family...


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